Videogames of the Month May 2016

In the month of May I’ve completed one of the best PlayStation games and two short indie Games

Blog May 2016 Game 1

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Crash Bandicoot series. But it could also be the year of the Crash comeback to the current generation!

Crash Bandicoot is one of the best PlayStation games of all time and rightfully so. It still has some of the best graphics of the system, is fun and an incredible challenge. Since it was one of the first 3D character action platformers, the game is very rough in every single aspect.

Let’s address the biggest complaint first: this game is hard. In fact, a brief Google search considered it one of the most difficult games from the PlayStation 1 series. In order to complete 100%, all gems must be collected; to collect one, all the crates must be crashed; and you can’t lose a single life. A rather difficult mission during the later levels, even with some absurdly difficult levels removed. Speaking of bonus, they are completely optional and if you fall, you need to restart the whole level again. If you want to save your current progress, you have to complete the Tawna bonus first.

Unfortunately, the game does not provide munch of re-playability, as the only extra objectives are the gem collecting. Coloured gems are needed to unlock certain parts of the levels in order to obtain the level’s gem. Also, there are two keys obtained by Cortex’s bonus, which unlocks two additional bonus levels. This is necessary only if you want the 100% completion.

Considering you’ll have to restart the whole level whenever you lose a life, it took me around eight hours to complete. Slippery Climb and Fumbling in the Dark were the worst time consumers, as each took at least twenty or more lives to complete without dying.

Should you play it?

Even after all the frustration from the more difficult levels, it is still a fun challenge. The sequels refined every single aspect of the game and are much more accessible for beginners.

You can still find a physical copy for cheap at Ebay or buy the digital format at the PlayStation store at an incredible low price. But keep in mind that playing in a PS1 / PS2 with a CRT TV hookup with a scart cable will give you the best image possible.

Fan bonus content

The series’ composer Josh Mancell has published some of the game’s soundtracks at Soundcloud:

Also relevant to fans:

Crash Bandicoot commercial compilation

Interview with Josh Mancell, the game’s composer

Crash Bandicoot Prototype Version – Complete Playthrough & Unused Levels

A relative long and extensive article about Crash development by Co-Author Andy Gavin

Blog May 2016 Game 2

Forward to the Sky is a cute barebone action platformer for steam. How barebone? There’s a 21 minute 100% Speedrun video of it.

In this game you control a character only referred to as princess in her quest to defeat the witch of the sky tower. The game is composed of six short levels, with some different challenges and enemies that could use some polishment.

Speaking of polishment, the controls are a let down as far as action platformers go. The way the character attacks and avoids enemies feels outdated and not very flexible.

With only six levels, the only collectables are the one hundred crystals present in each one, which unlock the game’s story. Some crystals are kind of hidden but it should not take long to find them.

Should you play it?

So is this game worthy of your time? If you’re looking for a not very demanding game with a chill atmosphere, this game should provide enough entertainment for an hour or so.

Forward to the Sky can be found at Steam for 7 euros (8 USD), a hefty price for its content but for those that can wait for the sales’ period, it should drop to around 3 euros (3.50 USD).

Blog May 2016 Game 3

Fist of Awesome has Atari-like graphics and controls similar to those of Double Dragon. In it you play as Tim the Lumberjack, a human being who saves the space-time continuum from bears.

The game is not very long, as it can be finished in a single playthrough. After completing it, the player gets the survival arenas where you can play as several characters or start a new game with the current status.

Should you play it?

It’s an overall fun experience if you like beat ’em up games and bear jokes.

It’s available in various platforms such as Steam, Play Store, App Store and Amazon Apps for 3.99€ (4.50 USD).

Do you agree with my opinion? let me know in the comments bellow



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