Highlights of Pixels Camp

Some highlights of the Pixels Camp 2016, three days of nonstop development stuff at LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cool space

Pixels took place at a colossal warehouse. The space was big enough for a cafeteria, mini lounge, main stage and three smaller ones, and enough tables to sit a small army of programmers and enthusiasts.

Also, the toilet paper was never out. Good job, you guys!


While hackaton was the main activity of the event, there was a treasure hunt-like activity with badges that could be collected using QR CODE.

Great Internet connection

Wireless was kinda douchy but Ethernet was so great that I was watching a YouTube video while some guys on the table next to me were playing WoW.

Food All the Time

Food was free. There’s not much to complain when it comes to free food, however, eating junk food for three days straight may not be the best diet. Next year, if I attend,  I’ll probably eat out more, as there are a lot of choice in the LX Factory.

Diverse Activities

Other activities besides hackaton. Talks, badge collection and spicy bifanas Challenge.

Talks Available on YouTube

Talks that were recorded and posted on YouTube. Most of the time I was programming and could not go check them out.

Some of my working colleagues won the 3rd place. Congratulations to Lawrence Brawn, Miguel Pescadinha and Marco Justo!

Next year I’ll be just an attendee instead of participating in the hackaton. It was nice to know my limits but I missed some of the talks and other activities (and a lot of sleep hours)

Did you attend the event? Share your thoughts with us!


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