PlayStation Features and What They Mean

The PlayStation family has many different features that are not always explained or even well advertised. Here’s an overview of the current generation’s main features

Cross Buy (Or Cross Platform)

Games that feature the same game for one or more (Sony) platforms. Physical copies of the game also support this feature by activation on the game’s disk. A PS3 game-like icon should appear above the game’s icon in the system’s menu.

For an updated list of available titles check out the PlayStation Trophies’s Forum.

If you bought an old or used PS3 game, old codes may not apply as they could have been activated by the previous owner or the game may not be available to cross-buy anymore.


Cross Save

Cross Save lets you exchange saves between compatible games on different platforms. To use this feature, you need  internet connection and to be signed in on a PSN account.

Each game may be different, as there are games that do this automatically while others require you to do this manually. Since each game may have a different approach, you need to refer to the game’s manual on how to cross save.


Cross Play

Cross Play-enabled games allow different systems to play the same game session, even if games are different.

For an updated list of available titles check out the PlayStation Trophies’s Forum.


Remote Play

Remote play allows a PlayStation 4 game to be streamed to a Vita via local wi-fi or even the internet. For a complete setup check out the PlayStation’s Vita User’s Guide. PlayStation 3 is also supported but only on certain titles.


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